IncluSMe contributes to making the initial education of prospective maths and science teachers more relevant and more adapted to societal challenges of an increasingly diverse Europe.
It aim at a widespread implementation of the modules created within the project in maths and science ITE courses all over Europe as well as the achievement of greater progress towards curriculum innovation with respect to the inclusion of intercultural learning as an integral part of maths and science subject didactics.
In the long run, culturally sensitive maths and science teaching will have great impact on educational progress of immigrant and refugee youth in general and open up opportunities for their social participation.

Core aims of IncluSMe are to:

  • Increase the quality of higher education (HE);
  • Improve the relevance of HE curricula for prospective maths and science teachers by linking maths/science pedagogy with intercultural learning;
  • Strengthen prospective teachers’ social, civic and intercultural competences;
  • Equip prospective teachers with the skills to deal with challenges of multicultural classrooms;
  • Promote student mobility to enable first-hand intercultural experiences;
  • Strengthen transnational cooperation between universities in establishing mobility programmes for maths and science students in initial teacher education (ITE).

The overarching objective of the project is to enrich higher education curricula responding to current societal needs, in particular to the growing number of refugee in Europe. Thereby, IncluSMe focus on:

  1. Initial teacher education,
  2. Mathematics and science teacher education,
  3. Intercultural learning in maths and science teacher education, and
  4. Mobility of ITE students of maths and science.