Multiplier Events

We offer national and international conferences and multiplier events for different target groups to disseminate the intellectual outputs that are developed within the project. In total there are 6 multiplier events that will take place during the project. Please find more information below about each one of it.


  • International Conference of Interdisciplinary STEM Studies Summer 2018 in Nitra, Slovakia


The International Conference on STEM Education and the Inclusion of Cultural Differences was attended by university teachers preparing prospective teachers, primary and secondary school teachers, researchers in Environmentalistics and Ecology, and the representatives of various institutions involved in the education in this field of 9 countries.

Within the framework of the program, the participants heard three main lectures on the current outcomes of the IncluSMe project in the areas of: the cultural aspects of inclusion, the teaching of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in extracurricular activities, and contemporary ecological problems in teaching in the context of the inclusion of cultural differences. Other plenary lectures provided insights into inclusion on the basis of different experience of the lecturers or different aspects of inclusion. One of the plenary lectures was presented by PhDr. Miroslava Čerešníková, PhD. from the Institute of Romological Studies and the Vice-Dean of FSSHC CPU in Nitra. Very valuable and interesting was the lecture of the teacher Mgr. Zuzana Kijácová from Vyčapy-Opatovce Elementary School, who shared with the participants her experience in teaching mathematics of children from Christian families from Iraq, who arrived in the village in 2016.


  • National seminars for professors in higher education in Sweden Summer 2018 in Jönköping, Sweden


  • National conference on promoting multi- and interculturality in science teacher education in Norway Autumn 2018 in Trondheim, Norway



Each year the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Science Education (Naturfagsenteret) and the National Network of Science Educators (NNN) organize an annual national conference for science educators (Hell-seminaret). A special highlight of the three days long conference this year was the presentation of the modules developed within the project IncluSMe.

Lectures and workshops were given on the relevance of language in science education (O9), intercultural science learning outside of school (O11), and pedagogical approaches to mathematics and science teaching in diverse classrooms (IO6). The modules and the presentation of the IncluSMe Project itself were received very well. Inspired by the lectures and workshops, conference participants reflected on how interculturality could be implemented and enhanced in their own institutions and expressed some ideas e.g. pedagogy theories in science context, strategies to help learning scientific language (terminologies, concepts), and use of different nature/ecosystems in different countries.

Besides the lectures and workshops, there was a poster session throughout the three-day conference, which introduced all 63 participants of the conference to IncluSMe project, its modules and Summer School in Prague.

  • National Mathematics Days in the Netherlands Winter 2019, Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • National conference on pedagogical approaches to mathematics and science teaching in diverse classrooms Spring 2019 in Athena, Greece
  • International Conference on Language in STEM Education Summer 2019 in Nicosia, Cyprus