Summer School 2019

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Summer School 2019

Prospective mathematics / informatics teachers:
Join a unique intercultural experience preparing you for the future classroom!

For intercultural learning, first-hand experiences are indispensable and in particularly relevant for the future classroom. Yet, prospective mathematics / informatics teachers need to be aware of the cultural realities of many tasks as well as of culturally different algorithms. They should be able to perceive culturally different perspectives and develop intercultural sensitivity.

Participating students of the IncluSMe summer school will have numerous opportunities for intercultural exchange, both within the international student group and outside when meeting local students, teacher and pupils. This will enable them to gain rich intercultural experience connected to their own future profession.

Summer School on Intercultural Learning in Mathematics and Informatics:

Discover different approaches to mathematics / informatics education from all over Europe

Students profit from the summer school as an excellent opportunity for gaining international and intercultural experiences which enable them to better appreciate and understand cultural and social diversity. During the summer schools, students will live and work in an intercultural setting together with students from many different European countries, having numerous opportunities for intercultural communication.

Druskininkai is a resort town on the Nemunas River in southern Lithuania, close to the borders of Belarus and Poland. The town is situated in a picturesque landscape with rivers, lakes, hills and forests. There are a number of art and historical museums and galleries in the city. During 1896–1910, famous Lithuanian composer and painter Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis lived and worked in the city. A number of regular events take place at his memorial museum each year.

The Summer School programme provides lectures and workshops on intercultural learning as well offers activities to make own experiences in activities that are offered after the lectures: for example visits of the M. K. Čiurlionis memorial museum, Girios Aidas Forest Museum, The Park of Soviet Sculptures Grūtas ( Also, a school excursion and discussion with mathematics teachers will be organised to give students an insight into education life in another country.

Therefore, IncluSMe offers a summer school in Druskininkai, June, 23rd – July 4th 2019, with the focus on intercultural learning in mathematics and informatics.

Lectures will be held by an international team of renowned lecturers from 5 countries.


First insights into the programme

During the summer school lectures and workshops with a particular emphasis on those topics will be held:

  • Module A: Intercultural experience and culture related study events (VU)
  • Module B (IO1) – Introduction to culture and diversity for prospective mathematics and science teachers (PHFR)
  • Module C (IO2): Culture-related contexts for mathematics and science (UU)
  • Module D (IO3): Different cultures – different approaches to reasoning and algorithms in mathematics (VU)
  • Module E (IO7): Dealing with deficiencies and excellency in the mathematics proficiency of immigrant pupils (SEC)
  • Module F (IO10): Intercultural mathematics learning outside of school (CPU)
  • Module G: Assessment in mathematics / informatics in multicultural contexts (All partners)

Participation in the modules A to G is mandatory to apply for 3 ECTS credits.

In addition, IncluSMe offers a cultural learning programme. This includes for example:

  • visit of the M. K. Čiurlionis memorial museum,
  • visit the Girios Aidas Forest Museum,
  • the Park of Soviet Sculptures Grūtas,
  • excursion to a school and discussions with mathematics / informatics teachers,
  • and much more.

For details on the modules and activities as well a detailed schedule, please see our booklet.

VENUE: Druskininkai, DAINAVA education centre (Maironio str. 22,

MAIN TARGET GROUP: Mathematics / Informatics students in teacher education programmes. Interested university teachers and doctoral students very welcome!

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 30 April, 2019, Application_Form

AWARD: 3 ECTS credits from Vilnius University, certificate of participation



COSTS FOR STUDENTS OF OTHER UNIVERSITIES: Attendance fee 90,- EUR. Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs on own expenses

ORGANIZER: IncluSMe Project – Vilnius University