Module 6


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The module O6 aims to broaden prospective teachers’ perspectives of mathematics and science education considering cultural diversity, and to help them develop competences for teaching in multicultural classrooms. In particular, it will support them to: identify critical incidents related to teaching and learning in multilingual and multicultural contexts; interpret these incidents on the basis of research findings; design relevant teaching interventions; and develop a reflective view on how teaching can affect the learning outcomes in diverse classrooms.

In particular, the prospective teachers are expected to:

  • Identify issues related to mathematics and science teaching and learning through classroom scenarios (e.g., extracts from classroom dialogues, interviews with teachers and student in multicultural settings)
  • Read research literature on pedagogical approaches and teaching methods suitable to deal with diversity, heterogeneity, multilingualism and to create equal opportunities for pupils in mathematics and science learning.
  • Design teaching interventions on the basis of resources (e.g., curriculum materials, textbooks, research findings)
  • Reflect on their teaching designs and consider changes that they would make

This module is part of

X Personal dimension: values, attitudes and intercultural competences of prospective teachers;

  Mathematics and Science Subject dimension: (inter)cultural perspectives on the subjects themselves;

X Mathematics and Science Education dimension: pedagogical issues, in particular in respect to dealing with diversity in classrooms.

In this module the main focus is on develop prospective teachers’ noticing by providing them real classroom contexts for identifying critical incidents, interpret them on the basis of theoretical knowledge, and design teaching and reflecting on this by linking theory and practice.

  • Teaching dilemmas
  • Visual approaches
  • Register and code switching
  • Equity and socio political perspectives

Culturally responsive teaching approaches

The expected learning outcomes are:

  • Becoming aware of dilemmas and particularities of teaching mathematics and science in diverse classrooms.
  • Developing knowledge related to teaching approaches in diverse classrooms through reading research literature.
  • Designing classroom tasks and planning teaching on the basis of existing resources.
  • Becoming reflective and flexible in adapting teaching in diverse classrooms