Teachers in higher education – watch out!

Discover 13 open access teaching modules on intercultural learning  to prepare our future teachers for a timely science and mathematics education.

The modules deal with future teachers’ values, attitudes and intercultural competences (modul 1 & 13), with cultural perspectives on mathematics and science (modul 2 to 5, e.g., different approaches to reasoning and different perspectives on current ecological problems) and pedagogical approaches on tackling diversity in classrooms (modul 6 to 12, e.g. relevance of language, assessment and learning outside of school).


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Module 1
Introduction to culture and diversity for prospective mathematics and science teachers
Module 2
Culture-Related Contexts for Mathematics and Science
Module 3
Different Cultures-Different Approaches to Reasoning and algorithm in Mathematics
Module 4
Socio Scientific Issues

Module 5
Different perspectives on current ecological problems
Module 6
Pedagogical Approaches to Mathematics and Science Teaching in Multicultural Classrooms
Module 7
Dealing with deficiencies and excellency in the mathematics proficiency of immigrant students
Module 8
The relevance of language for Mathematics Education

Module 9
Relevance of language in Science
Module 10
Intercultural Mathematics Learning Outside of School
Module 11
Intercultural Science Learning Outside of School
Module 12
Assesmment in Mathematics and Science in Multicultural Contexts
Module 13
Accompanying Prospective Teachers in Making Intercultural Experiences