Module 10

Intercultural Mathematics learning outside the School

Module 10

This module is part of:
  • Mathematics and Science Subject dimension: (inter)cultural perspectives on the subjects themselves.
  • Mathematics and Science Education dimension: pedagogical issues, in particular in respect to dealing with diversity in classrooms.
General overview and aim

„Let’s create our common space, little piece of our common World, full of game and joy. “

This is the message of education program developed under the idea of intercultural mathematics education outside of school and entitled: Architects. The original target group of the program are pupils of 3rd – 9th grade at primary school who, in the role of architects, propose a new functional use of some concrete external area. They are focused on the area which is familiar for them and in which they have better experiences than adults. Thus their attention is aimed at the game and proposal of a new children playground.

The program Architects presents Cross-curricular learning which connects educational content of several teaching subjects especially mathematics, geography and computer science. Duration of the program is at least four standard lessons (four times 45 minutes is equal to 180 minutes), but there is possibility to realize it as a long-term pupil’s project. Promotion and implementation of the program allows connection of several pedagogic approaches e.g. outdoor education, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, role playing, use of ICT in education, adventure pedagogy principles and inclusive pedagogies principles.

Purpose of the Module 10: Intercultural mathematics learning outside of school, is to introduce the education program Architects to the students of teacher training studies (students of Initial Teachers Education (ITE)) as an alternative program for modern, active, multidisciplinary education. Through the individual activities students are gradually familiarized with a content of education program, methods and forms of learning used within the program as well as with the principles of the intercultural education and others above mentioned pedagogies.

Relevant topics

In this module the following topics will be addressed:

  • Intercultural perspectives in math and science education.
  • Cooperation of pupils and teachers in interdisciplinary education.
  • Efficiency of ICT usage in relation with outdoor and adventure education, IBL pedagogies and inclusive pedagogies principles application.
Learning Outcomes

Through this module prospective teacher will:

  • get familiar in detail with the education program Architects and find out its benefits and hazards.
  • connect intercultural learning to science and maths based on practical solution of problem situation.
  • get familiar with principles of interdisciplinary education,
  • connect the idea of IBL with realization of education through indoor as well as outdoor education.
  • use ICT and online tool convenient for modernization and increasing efficiency of maths and science education.
  • acquire skills to build a classroom atmosphere for team cooperation, communication and mutual respect of members of team with roots in different cultural background.
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