Module 13

Accompanying prospective teachers in making intercultural experiences.

This module is part of:
  • Personal dimension: values, attitudes and intercultural competences of prospective teachers
General overview and aim

Module 13 will be offered to prospective teachers of mathematics and science prior to their field exchanges or stays abroad. Module aims to prepare the prospective teachers for intercultural teaching experiences, by equipping them with necessary knowledge, skills and values. In particular, this module will:

  • Offer support to prospective teachers during preparation for practical work placements
  • Help them to reflect on their own experiences and learn from the field exchange, including reflecting on their own attitudes, values and development of intercultural competences
  • Accompany students’ field work as they analyze and implement the learned practices and reflect on them
  • Equip students with methods for reflecting one’s own experiences during stays abroad or field work, including ethnographic field notes as a tool for analyzing classroom practice.
Relevant topics

In this module, theoretical knowledge on attitudes, values and beliefs will be related to student’s personal experiences and their needs for professional development. Topics relevant for this module are:

  • explicit and implicit attitudes, beliefs and values,
  • cultural differences and universalities, intercultural communication
  • diversity in classrooms,
  • intercultural education
  • active listening and interviewing
  • analysis of classroom practices with the use of ethnographic field notes and classroom observation protocols.
Learning Outcomes

Through this module the prospective teachers will:

  • knowledge about culture and cultural diversity
  • knowledge about psychology of attitudes, beliefs and values,
  • familiarity with cultural differences in communication and cultural values,
  • capability of reflecting on their own attitudes and preconceptions that might influence their interactions with diverse cultures,
  • improved intercultural communication skills
  • obtaining skills and tools to get to know pupils from different cultures and get an insight in their learning processes,
  • familiarity with the method of ethnographic field notes which they can use during classroom observation,
  • capability of reflecting on what influences their own perspectives on classroom practices
  • capability of reflecting on their own personal growth and professional development in the field of intercultural education.
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