Module 5

Different perspectives on current Ecological Problems

This module is part of:
  • Mathematics and Science Subject dimension: (inter)cultural perspectives on the subjects themselves;
General overview and aim

In this module preservice teachers in initial teacher education are introduced to different perspective on current ecological problems in the context of intercultural learning. The intention is to make students familiar with the topic of module through the investigation of one concrete example concerning intercultural aspects of ecological problems – The Water. They will develop teacher´s competencies: to look at selected ecological problem from different territorial and cultural perspectives and to perceive and to apply the role of different cultural contexts in their lessons.

The module is based on concrete situations to connect students to the topic of module through their own experience with designed learning activities. The emphasis is placed on balance theory and practice realized by students active learning.

Relevant topics

In this module high emphasis is set on introducing different approaches to understand wide perspectives of one global ecological problem in many intercultural contexts. Students will learn about phenomena Water more like at mathematics and science lessons and they will recognize the importance of water and water management in global/local/personal view. The module will be oriented to the following exemplary challenges in connection to mathematics and science education:

  • Working with information sources
  • Brainstorming and brain writing activities
  • Story telling as support of intercultural communication
  • Experimental activities as evidence based (science) communication
Learning Outcomes

Through this module student will:

  • To master strategies to create a safe classroom atmosphere supporting communication and argumentation.
  • To recognize one of the current ecological topic in different natural, social and cultural contexts.
  • To get familiar with teaching methods which have potential to connect ecological topics to intercultural learning.
  • To learn how to select and elaborate ecological topics to enhance learning in multicultural classrooms.
  • To acquire skills to build a classroom atmosphere of communication and respect.
  • To support of creative thinking without prejudice to different cultures.
  • To connect science and art in learning about global ecological problems.
  • To formulate the critical approach to data analyzing and interpretation.
  • To create ability to search relevant data from open access media.
  • To approach from complex point of view to problem solving.
  • To use science literacy for understanding of diversity.
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