Jardar Cyvin

Jardar Cyvin is Associate Professor in science education at NTNU, Department of Teacher Education. He has a master degree in a cross-subject discipline zoology and landscape planning. Based on extensive research on classrooms application of ICT he has got a personal promotion as associate professor. Cyvin has taught a broad range of ICT and science subjects in preservice teacher education for 16 years, including biology, geology, technology, ICT-subjects, and pedagogical entrepreneurship, in classes of Norwegian speaking students as well as bilingual students. He has teaching experience from primary/lower secondary school, from teaching adults and students with special needs. Cyvin has participated in EU funded project FaSMed on formative assessment, in which he contributed with his expertise in ICT-technology. Cyvin is co-author with Febri of a chapter in a new book:  “Diversity through recognition and inclusion in school”, where they discuss outdoor school teaching in a diverse science classroom.