Work Areas

The IncluSMe project offers modules for higher education (HE), i.e. course units to be used in lectures, seminars or workshops for prospective mathematics and science teachers at universities, i.e. in the initial teacher education (ITE).
Designing the modules IncluSMe refers to the key issues of “intercultural learning” applied to the needs of future mathematics and science teachers in three dimensions of intercultural learning:

  • Personal dimension: values, attitudes and intercultural competences of prospective teachers;
  • Mathematics and Science subject dimension: (inter)cultural perspectives on the subjects themselves;
  • Mathematics and Science education dimension: pedagogical issues, in particular in respect to dealing with diversity in classrooms.

Our 14 Modules (so-called outputs (o) for higher education are assigned to these dimensions as the following picture shows.

Personal Dimension
O1 Introduction to culture and diversity for prospective mathematics and science teachers
O13 Accompanying prospective teachers in making intercultural experiences

Maths & Science subject dimension
O2 Culture-related contexts for mathematics and science
O3 Different cultures – different approaches to reasoning and algorithms in mathematics
O4 Socio-scientific issues (SSI)
O5 Different perspectives on current ecological problems

Maths & Science education dimension
O6 Pedagogical approaches to mathematics and science teaching in diverse classrooms
O7 Dealing with deficiencies and excellency in the mathematics proficiency of immigrant pupils
O8 Relevance of language in mathematics education
O9 Relevance of language in science education
O10 Intercultural mathematics learning outside of school
O11 Intercultural science learning outside of school
O12 Assessment in mathematics and science in multicultural contexts

Didactics of higher education
O14 Design of learning environments for higher education

The first module O1 introduces all three dimensions of intercultural learning focussing on what is relevant for mathematics and science prospective teachers. Module O1 as well as module O13 “Accompanying prospective teachers in making intercultural experiences” put a special emphasis on the personal dimension; they motivate students to reflect their own values and attitudes in order to develop intercultural competences. Modules O2 – O5 focus on the Mathematics and Science subject dimension, and modules O6‒O12 focus on the Mathematics and Science education dimension. Methodological and structural basis of all modules is module O14 “Design of learning environments for higher education”.
The diagram gives an overview of the proposed modules for higher education.